I am a musician and songwriter based in Newcastle. My latest album Treasure House is a new collection of acoustic songs celebrating imagination and transformation. I hope you feel uplifted by these tunes. I regularly perform live and my music has featured on BBC Radio 3. Happy listening!

'Music to warm your soul' The Journal

'Treasure House proves there can still be great potency in the simple vocal and acoustic guitar configuration' PROG Magazine

'A record full of emotion... full of reflective beauty' NARC. Magazine

'Heartfelt and moving... lovely stuff'        The Crack

'A masterpiece... this really is a brilliant album' Lifestyle Magazine

'Beautiful' Living North Magazine

'Heartfelt and intimate... what an uplifting experience' Albion Magazine

'A substantial presence... whose hopeful, optimistic tunes brighten and warm the soul' PROG Magazine

'Atmospheric, haunting, melancholic and often cinematic... beautiful'            Classic Rock Society

'Rich songs full of emotion and meaning... Jack achieves this in spades' The Progressive Aspect

'Jack Arthurs taps into the spirit of Nick Drake with a set full of gentle folk. There's a sense of vulnerability in Jack's heartfelt, plaintive delivery' PROG Magazine

'He feels and lives every note of the songs, they come from the heart in the purest form' Progradar

'The spirit of the North East coast, including the gorgeous cover depicting Bamburgh Castle, runs like an incoming tide throughout the album' Dutch Progressive Rock Page

'A wonderfully sweet and tender collection of songs by a talented and insightful artist' Music Street Journal

'His delightful songs are like a breath of fresh air... sublime' Progradar

'Mighty and multi-talented. If you get the chance to see Jack play live, go and see him!' Honey For Your Ears

'Charming, uplifting melodic tunes... lovely to sit back and relax to'
Lifestyle Magazine

'A chilled-out acoustic album, Only Dreams Are True will please every lover of uplifting rock' The Chronicle

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Delighted to announce The Sleeping Sea will appear on the cover CD with this celebratory special issue, on sale 12 July!

Happy 100th issue, PROG Magazine!

Play The Sleeping Sea HERE



A lovely surprise to find Treasure House named as one of journalist Paul Sexton's Albums of the Year in PROG Magazine. Thank you so much, Paul! And thanks to all of you out there who have supported this album since its release. Your encouragement means a lot!



Live dates to be announced - watch this space!